When client’s computers break down it seems like their whole world pauses. Whether people use the computer for business or personal purposes it really tends to handicap the way they are used to doing things. Businesses practically can’t operate without a functioning computer. PC Revive tries to make this hassle a little less difficult in life. We offer mobile computer repair so that you can get your computer back up and going without having to wait for insane 24 hour diagnostic fees. We usually will arrive at your location and have your computer fixed within the same business day.

Our Mobile Computer Repair VS The “Competitors”

Most clients hate having to unplug, drop of their computer, and leave it where the technicians can do anything to the computer whether it be good or bad. Our company has a totally different approach which eliminates these issues. You are welcome to watch us the entire time we work so that you are sure about what is going on. We have outstanding reviews because we try our best on each and every job. We try to make your computer hiccup a little bit easier to deal with. Desktops are a pain to unplug, lug around town, drop it off, wait for repair, pick it up, and get back home to plug it back in again. With our company you don’t have to touch a wire or even move from the convenience of your location. We will come to your home or office and often times fix the issue cheaper and quicker than the “in-store competition”.

The majority of our first time clients never knew that a service like ours even existed. Once they see the way we handle laptop repair they keep coming back for more. PC Revive primarily does on-site computer repair because it is not logical to wait for several business days to get your computer diagnosed. We strive to offer the most competitive prices and the fastest repair times with each repair.

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