Technology is a great tool for everyday activities from work to entertainment and education, but some people also use it for wrong purposes, like hackers who can access your Gmail account through phishing without you knowing it. At PC revive we are aware of these risks and want to help you solve any issues or concerns you might have, our service provides on-site computer repair in Boynton Beach


So what exactly is phishing?


Phishing is a cybercrime used by hackers to trick people to share passwords, identity information, and other personal data usually through fake websites; emails or text messages and then using that information for fraudulent purposes.

These hackers have been able to create pages similar to Gmail so that when you access to your account by entering the user and password, the page redirects you to the security code request, then you receive the code by SMS as part of the two-step verification security for Gmail. The issue is, the security code is sent by the hacker and not by Google. 

At this point, your account is automatically available to the hacker, they change passwords so you cannot access it anymore, and they download all your information.  


How can I keep my accounts safe from phishing?


First of all, be informed in the news of phishing scams, learn the different ways your accounts can be attacked. 

Be aware of links, before clicking, make sure the links you want access to are on a trusted website, usually links received from unknown emails or text messages asking for personal information are fraudulent. 

Also, when navigating on the web, there are anti-phishing toolbars. These toolbars can alert you when browsing on a malicious site. 

A site’s security can be verified with the closed lock icon near the address bar and the site’s URL begins with “https”. Never download files from unknown websites. 

Change your passwords regularly and do not leave online accounts unattended for long periods of time. Make sure you update your browser to have recent security patches available.

Use firewalls, the two types you need are, a desktop firewall and a network one, meaning software and hardware. These act as a filter from hackers and phishers. 

Be careful with pop-ups, these often are phishing attempts, if mistakenly you clicked on a pop-up do not try to cancel, it can lead you to a malicious site. You can exit the window with the X on the upper corner. 

Keep your personal and financial information to yourself, if a website requests your information, never fill that information in, it’s better to contact the company directly and have a personal interaction. 

Use Antivirus, it helps to prevent damage by scanning files that come from the internet to the computer.

If you need help or assistance with any of these options to secure your accounts and browsing, we’ll be more than happy to give you quality service. Please visit the following link for more information.



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