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Need fast and reliable computer repair in Boca Raton, FL? PC Revive guarantees top-notch service for both Mac and PC. Call 561-870-5913 to schedule your repair today!

You are at the right place. PC Revive serves residents in Boca Raton, and we even come to you for Laptop and Desktop problems with our excellent computer skills, addressing all your computer problems and maintaining your computer system.

Expert Laptop Repair Solutions

Boca Raton is the southernmost city in Palm Beach County. This is as far south as our company travels, and our company has been engaging in computer repairs in this area for years. This area is a crucial area for our company because of the number of houses and companies that are located here; we have served many residents, both individuals, and companies, fulfilling their computer needs, handling tablet repairs, and fixing issues like water damage.

Your Trusted Computer Repair Pros

At PC Revive we are convinced that technology is changing every day. Our knowledge of computers and technical devices is impeccable, covering everything from tablet repair and computer virus removal to operating system maintenance and the entire repair process.

Boca Raton

Expert Laptop Repair Services at Your Fingertips

In many cases, we have dispatched our experienced technicians to handle computer problems for our clients in Boca Raton. Good diagnosis and repair solutions are what we strive to do to provide an excellent job. Our company offers solutions for problems, no excuses, whether it’s a business computer issue, providing a repair estimate, answering a tech question, or delivering a top-notch repair service. 


We have the best reviews of any computer repair services in the area, and we are sure that we will meet every need of our customers, whether it involves water damage, computer needs, tablet repairs, or maintaining their computer system. We offer tech repair solutions to businesses and residents to ensure that your computer does not leave your business operations on hold.

Comprehensive Software Technical Assistance for Smooth Operations

We specialize in both hardware and software problems, ranging from screen repair, software installation for a new computer, and hard drive upgrades and installation to file management, device compatibility, data recovery, backup, and transfer, or virus removal and prevention.

Reliable Data Recovery When You Need It Most

We offer same-day services. Whether your computer is being repaired for business or personal use, our trained technicians will fix it in time so that you can get back to work immediately, ensuring excellence in the repair industry whether you visit our repair shop or consult our computers doctor for tech problems and hardware issues.

Tackling All Computer Issues Efficiently

Residents are turning to us for professional laptop repairs. Finding a qualified specialist who can perform laptop repairs in a professional, competent, and efficient manner at a fair price can be a difficult task, but with our laptop repair provider, experienced repair technicians, and a proven track record in resolving PC problems, you are in good hands.

Boca Raton Remote Calls

Why travel to a store to have your computer fixed when we can do the same repair at your convenience? PC Revive offers tech repair in Boca Raton on-location or remotely. If you have a software problem, we can usually resolve this by connecting to your computer over the Internet.


We will keep you informed by telephone throughout this repair process, providing software technical assistance, expert laptop repair services, and comprehensive computer tech support.

Professional PC Repair for Seamless Performance

We are looking forward to fixing your computer issues, regardless of whether they are over the telephone or the internet! PC Revive is 25 minutes from the center of Boca Raton. Our computer technicians can quickly reach your location to solve any technical problems. 


Our company serves several small companies in this city. We have also performed numerous residential computer calls and many enthusiastic customers because of our services. We look forward to helping you in every possible way! Call us now to make an appointment with a trusted repair provider.

Do you need a computer support?

We are proud to offer computer repairs to residents, homes, and businesses. PC Revive has a highly skilled team of competent and certified technicians who care about the customers we serve. Since our inception, we have had some loyal customers, and we have grown enough to have a thriving business in this area.


We also handle wireless network issues, PC optimization, and offer cost-effective solutions to our clients as a trusted repair provider, offering expert laptop repair solutions with skilled repair technicians capable of handling various damage repairs. In addition, we offer computer tutoring to help you use your computer like a professional and teach you proper maintenance and computer skills.

Tailored Laptop Repair Solutions for Every Need

If you have questions about computer support in Florida, call us or fill out our contact form. Contact us today to get our services or receive a free estimate. We promise to provide each customer with an excellent deal and superior customer service.

Fast and Reliable Computer Repairs

Let us offer you our help. We can draw up plans to bring slow-running machines back to top performance or to replace them with new equipment while ensuring that your devices are protected and that the information is backed up, whether you have different computer brands, various computer devices, or need a reliable repair provider with expert repair technicians.

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J. Bruce
J. Bruce
18:53 19 Feb 24
My company will not make an IT move without Evan’s input. Great service.
Tyler Handley
Tyler Handley
14:35 15 Feb 24
The owner of this company was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Very fair prices, excellent service, and great communication. I highly recommend giving him a call for any computer issues. I will absolutely use his business again in the future.
14:29 08 Feb 24
Evan is Wonderful. All you have to do is call him - he will make time for you quickly, come to your home -assess your computer problem and come up with a practical, cost effective solution. We love Evan. We live in Atlantis and are older and technically challenged so having someone you can trust to come to you and fix your problems is a lifesaver. Also he not only diagnoses problems, but can set up your new computer with all of your old data and get you up to speed very fast. We have him on our rolodex so will definitely use him in the future.
David Ludwig
David Ludwig
16:49 27 Dec 23
The best I've ever had. Has helped me with my computer for many years. Evan with PC Revive is always there when I need him.
Ruth Mathews
Ruth Mathews
13:26 27 Nov 23
wonderful communication with Evan. He kept me up to date with all the work he was doing with my elderly family member and resolved her problems quickly!
Danny Rokicki
Danny Rokicki
18:40 31 Oct 23
I had a New HP Laptop sent to me and upon starting the set up procedure, I ended up locked out of the system without the correct password. It was asking for a password that I never set up. Very frustrating. Evan was able to come to my home the next day to get me taken care of. Sounds like it was a problem with how the computer was set up from the factory. While it was running, it was not communicating with the hard drive???? (Over my head). Evan was able to get into the computer and get everything corrected and up and running. Probably took just over 1 hour, but he stuck with it and got it fixed for me. 100% Satisfied. Thanks
18:32 07 Sep 23
My business computers hard drive for my failed. I immediately contacted Evan and he quickly responded and we set up an appointment for the following morning.In brief a brief time we purchased a computer compatible to my business needs, reinstalled all my data, got quick books up and running , installed an antivirus program.All in a matter of a couple hours .Evan is LIFESAVER!!!Extremely knowledgeable and resourceful and polite.I HIGHLY recommend him and would use NO OTHER!
Karen G
Karen G
16:40 28 Oct 22
Evan and his team provide excellent and prompt customer service. They are knowledgeable, competent, professional and friendly. Evan can fix any computer issue I encounter and he’s patient and explains things well. He keeps my desktop and laptops running smoothly and efficiently.
Chase Castellanos
Chase Castellanos
15:35 25 Oct 22
Evan is awesome, he was able to identify and fix the issues I had and any that came up in the process! The work was done timely and efficiently. He’s friendly and very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of computer repair!
Teresa Popp
Teresa Popp
13:56 22 Oct 22
We have been using Evan and PC Revive for years! He's 100% knowledgeable, dependable, prompt and easy to work with both remotely and on site. Reasonable prices too! PC Revive can fix computer issues quickly or build a lightning fast new computer customized to meet your needs! Highly recommend!
Michael Gravallese
Michael Gravallese
20:19 29 Aug 22
Evan is probably the most responsible, professional, courteous, and friendly young man I’ve met in the past decade, at least. We had a few long time PC issues that we finally decided to get around to addressing. Called PC Revive and Evan came out when he said he would, worked quickly and efficiently to diagnose my problem(s) and then offered a very cost effective solution. Came back to implement his suggestions and recommendations and got us back up and running in record time with new equipment and some fixes to our existing equipment. We couldn’t be happier. His pricing is very fair for the level of expertise and knowledge he obviously possesses. Thanks you Evan for such a pleasurable experience!
Bobby Wendler
Bobby Wendler
17:14 20 Aug 21
Evan is da man!! Extremely professional, responsive, transparent, and easy to communicate with. I’m very happy with the insane gaming PC (see pics!) he helped me build. He overcame the unique challenges of upgrading a pre-built. He walked me through all of the work needed and consulted me on decisions he made throughout the process. Easy 5/5 Stars. I’ll be back soon!
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