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Custom Desktop Builds

We Build Custom Desktops For Ultimate Productivity

PC Revive is capable of building custom desktops to suit your wants or needs. These computers are typically more attractive, have the same warranty, perform better, and are even cheaper than pre-built machines sold at retail computer stores. Our computers range from the most elite gaming computers to the most productive office desktops. Custom desktops are a great option to future-proof your technology needs. We look forward to building your next computer for you to enjoy for many years!

PC Revive can build crypto currency mining computers, video editing computers, gaming computers, and even just basic office computers. We can make any desktop cheaper than a retail store that will perform better. Most store bought desktops will not have a solid state drive installed. We have added solid state drives in every custom built desktop to date. Another benefit of our custom built computers is that there is no “bloatware” installed on them. Most store bought computers come with many programs you do not need and will never use. These programs will only slow your computer down. Our custom built desktops pay for themselves with how well they preform versus store bought computers.
PC Revive's built custom desktop
Front view of a white and black custom desktop
Profile view of 2 custom corsair desktops
Custom Desktops on there side with covers off