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Computer repair is a time-sensitive industry because most people use computers for business, school and maintaining contacts with friends and family.

PC Revive is committed to offering professional and reliable service in Ocean Ridge at affordable prices. We specialize in all brands of the computer whether desktop and laptops, software and hardware repairs as well as local network installations and maintenance, residential & office setup, user file permission and hard drive partition. We offer an array of services, such as extractions of viruses and malware, pc tune-up, and optimization.

We are always honest with options and prices, only because people will remember who served them well and who did not; in essence, who can trust them and who they cannot. Our maximum guarantee is also proof that our work will continue for a long time after the original repair.

When repairing your computer, we fully comply with state and federal laws and follow strict personal guidelines to keep your information completely safe. If you experience problems or questions after a service has been performed, we will be happy to check the PC for free during that time when needed.

We help Ocean Ridge residents and customers who need computer repair with our fast response times.

PC Revive will come to your home or in your company in Ocean Ridge to repair your computer, laptop, remove a virus, set up a home network or a small company network and much more.

Do you have unwanted software on your PC that you did not install; do strange ads appear on your PC? If your PC uses a lot of resources to perform simple tasks, it is possible that viruses are active in the background, which makes your PC works slower. Our expert technicians can remove these to improve system performance.

We a offer FREE diagnosis for your computer. The diagnosis usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes with an appointment. When we arrive, our technician is ready to check your computer; please give as much detail as possible for the problem. Also, our technician gives you tips to maintain your computer after repair.

If, after assessing the malfunction, additional work has to be done with your system or if parts have to be ordered and you do not want to continue, then there is no cost involved in the time we spend on the system, and you can take it away at no cost!

Our Ocean Ridge Guarantee

PC Revive offers computer repair in Ocean Ridge that is cheaper and more effective than any other store. It is a hassle to bring a computer to a store and wait hours for it to be repaired. PC Revive usually have a computer repaired within the first hour of entry. We specialize in computer repair services to offer customers in Ocean Ridge the best results.

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