I receive a single very common question many times throughout each year. People ask which laptop should I buy? It is not a simple answer because everyone has different needs for their computer. Each user has different requirements for a laptop. Some consumers need their computer to be ultra portable with the best possible battery life, while other people need their laptop to be a power house for video editing or gaming. There is not a generic laptop that is best for everyone.  PC Revive offers Royal Palm Beach computer services and surrounding cities.

I classify laptop computers in 3 different classes: Ultra-Lights, Normal Laptops, and Gaming Laptops.

Ultra-lights are normally 14 inch and smaller computers. These computers work best for users who often use them in many different locations and depend on long battery life. Most consumers that buy these most likely use them for traveling, working in different places, or is far away from a power source for the majority of the day. Some of these ultra-light computers have touch screens or are tablets that can separate from the keyboards. For optimal battery life they normally have slower and power consciousness processors and small screens.

Normal laptops I consider to be good old clam shell computers. These are normally 15.6 inch computers that are for the everyday computer user. These users normally can plug their computer in wherever they take it. People that buy normal laptops do pretty basic tasks on their computers such as checking emails, browsing the web, and watching videos. They do not have low power processors, but also do not have the best gaming processor on the market. They get the job done and are typically the best bang for the buck PC.  If you need laptop assistance give us a call today and we will be sure to help you in any way we can.

Gaming laptops usually have 15.6 inch screens to 18 inch screens. Consumers that buy these computers are power users because they need tasks to be done as quick as possible. Most people use these computers for gaming, video, or photo editing. These computers are often sold with the latest and greatest components such as processors, hard drives, memory, and high resolution screens. They do not last long unplugged from the wall because they have the top of the line specifications. Gaming laptops are highest price out of the other three categories.

Which type of computer will serve your needs best? PC Revive will be happy to shop computers for you and give you the best suggestion based on your tasks. We will even setup the new computer and transfer your old information.

Take a look at our New Computer Setup Service to get more information. You can also call us to discuss any questions at (561) 870-5913.

We hope you enjoy a good Thanksgiving with your family tomorrow. We like to remember how important friends and family are in life compared to possessions.