The best work from home tools you should have on your PC

With many of us Floridians now working from home for the foreseeable future, there’s a major need for working from home tools. We know that working from home can sound easy, but it’s only easy if you arm yourself with the right tools. For example, we recommend that you try and get used to working with all of the below tools.

For anyone working from home, each of these tools should go some way to making sure that you can get more done. Need a hand installing or using any of these apps? Then contact us for computer repair in Palm Beach Gardens, or contact us about our professional PC tutoring.


One of the best tools you could download to make working from home a bit easier for you would be Slack. Slack is very popular for those who need a reliable communications system. It’s become an essential part of the business world, and it’s great for running chats for specific topics.
You can also easily send/receive files through it and manage audio and video calls as you need.

Focus Keeper

A useful tool for most people would be Focus Keeper; arguably the most effectively named app in the world. Focus Keeper is a great solution for making sure you always stay focused on how long you are spending on tasks. If you know that you can work faster, then this is a good way to have definitive proof that you need to pick up the pace and do more. A great solution for boosting productivity!


Working from home means having to keep on top of your own schedule, which can be a whole lot tougher than it might sound. Toggl is a fine tool for tracking your time and making sure you can stay on top of the challenges of the day.
You can even export this and put it into software like Microsoft Excel, making sure you can always stay totally on top of the day’s activities.

Office 365

For a general-purpose package that gives you all the tools you need for most generic work, get Office 365. This has a spreadsheet tool, a database manager, a presentation builder, and a word processor to name just a few of its featured apps. A veritable treasure trove of very useful content that you could use to do just about any job at home. And best of all? You can get this through a very affordable subscription service!


If you don’t like PowerPoint, though, you’ll find that Keynote makes a hard task much easier to deal with. This is a reliable presentation tool if you tend to do all of your work on an Apple device. It’s great for collaborative efforts especially, so if you are working with Apple hardware then you and colleagues can all work on effective presentations without any stress or effort. A brilliant choice for anyone who wants to do presentations with a bit of Apple panache.

No matter what you think you would enjoy the most, though, we recommend that you look into all of the above apps. With each one, you can find that it will just make your daily working from home experience a whole lot more enjoyable.