Due to the most recent technological advancements and globalization; computers have become a vital part of our everyday lives, as many people use them for business matters and personal reasons. You may be looking for a computer repair Boynton Beach, FL based service, but the following list has a few common and easy to repair problems that you can even check or repair yourself:

Slow or intermittent internet connectivity:

When it comes to internet problems the most common reasons are either your computer or your router. If you are on WI-FI, first check if the connectivity is strong (check the signaling bars). Now, if it shows good connection and it’s still giving you trouble, or if you are using LAN you can try the following:

Restart your modem/router:

Often at times your computer could lose or be given an improper IP, which is like a code given by the router that allows you to connect to the Internet. If your internet is slow or having intermittency first try to restart your modem, router or both. (The most common are routers that do the job for both modem and router.)

Restart your computer:

If after restarting your router the issue continues, then try to restart your computer instead. Your computer network card (Also known as NIC) can have trouble at times to pick a proper IP or correct signaling and the easiest way to fix this is to simply reboot the PC or laptop.

Computer freezing or running slow:

Not only your internet can run slow, at times even your computer could start to slow down and even freeze at brief periods and many reasons can point to slow performance to even freezing. For example, slow performance can be caused due to too many items running at the same time, or even because it could be overheating. 

Check Task Manager:

Task manager is opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Supr at the same time and can tell you the current processes opened, as well as the resources that are being used on your computer. The CPU and RAM resources are those responsible for running your computer smoothly. Check what applications are open and close those that you are not using.

Freezing computer:

A freezing computer can also happen due to the above, but it can also be due to overheating. Check the fans of your computer and confirm they all are properly working, and if all are and the temperature is good, then try to restart it. Often at times, a freezing computer can happen due to a constantly stuck process and the best way to end it is with a simple reboot.

A computer is an excellent resource yet also a delicate one that must be handled with care, but if the above problems were not solved by those simple steps perhaps it is time to have a more experienced person on the job. If you are looking for the best computer repair company in Boynton Beach FL, then we recommend you try PC Revive, an excellent and professional company very experienced in fixing any kind of computer problem. You can read more about them at: https://pcrevive.org/areas-we-serve/computer-repair-boynton-beach-fl/.



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