Does your PC really need more RAM?

In the rush to make sure that our PCs are in the best condition possible, it’s easy to get carried away and buy a new piece of everything. And while there are not really any negatives to upgrading every part of your PC, not every piece of hardware is going to necessarily need an upgrade. We recommend that you keep that in mind, as many non-experienced buyers go down the route of buying the wrong pieces of equipment. For example, an essential part of a PC today is your Random Access Memory or RAM. Do you need to get more RAM, though?

Is your PC running slow?

The main reason to invest in more RAM is if you notice a slowdown in how your PC handles general tasks. Things like opening documents and loading folders should be lightning fast on a modern PC. If you notice that it seems to take a little longer than you would want to open up documents and/or software, then it might be wise to look at getting some more RAM.

Upgrading your RAM can make sure that you have more software open at once without your PC grinding to a performance halt.

Need to do more at once?

The primary priority when investing in more RAM, then, is to help you do more at once. For example, you might need to have digital editing software, word processing software, a web browser, and a database tool all open at once. If your PC is not built to manage this, it could make all of the tasks take longer than they should.

With more RAM, though, you can get more done at once. However, it’s important to remember that RAM is only part of speeding up the process; the more memory you have, the more likely it is that your PC can multi-task on numerous memory-heavy software without performance drop-offs.

Opening more tabs

Another good consideration when it comes to using a PC today is to look closely at the number of tabs you need open. Many of us find that our web browsers can easily have 10+ tabs open on a regular basis. If you were to do this a lot, you would notice that your PC does take a bit more time to do even basic functions.

More RAM, though, helps to make sure you can open up more tabs without performance drop-offs. For research and analysis purposes, then, be sure to look into opening more tabs when you can.

Improving 3D functions

While RAM is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to 3D performance, your PC will naturally perform 3D functions better with more RAM. From video gaming to digital editing and the like, you can find that 3D functions will vastly improve if you are willing to invest in more RAM.

So, do you need a computer tune-up? Then you should absolutely look to add RAM to the list of key ingredients to upgrade. However, just don’t expect it to fix every problem on its own. RAM is essential, but it’s not a miracle worker.