For years, many people have dreaded ‘the commute’ as much as the actual day-to-day impact of their jobs. While large numbers of people work in roles and industries that they never intended to be part of simply to make a living, many of us hate the aspect of traveling to work. Sitting in traffic for hours, running up gas bills, and inhaling pollution from other cars, is hardly a healthy or happy way to spend your time. However, for years, it was seen as unlikely that humanity would work towards mass home working.

While we obviously cannot expect every job to be done from home (how can a plumber fit a boiler at home, or an electrician install a new light fitting remotely?), we expect many IT-based jobs to move to a home working environment. Put simply, there are some key reasons why this might be happening. All of them, though, relate to COVID-19. Why, then, could COVID be the catalyst for mass working from home?

Companies need to recoup costs

Companies around the world have lost billions of dollars collectively thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns. Instead of returning staff to expensive office blocks, many companies are looking to make savings by either minimizing or outright removing their offices. That can seem risky, but for many companies, the cost of office rental is simply too high and cannot be continued in the era of COVID.

If you wonder why a company might be pushing to move you to home working permanently, it might be in a bid to try and recoup some of the lost money due to COVID.

Staff have proven they can do so

Another main reason why COVID-19 has encouraged us to embrace working from home is the fact that it is proven to work. Many companies who had major reservations about moving to a work-from-home enterprise have seen productivity improve or at least retain its same level as before. While some high-profile media stories show us examples otherwise, the general response from the working world has been a positive one. During the pandemic, many have turned to home offices; for any technical issues, consider our computer repair West Palm Beach services.

Companies need to adjust to the modern world

However, what COVID has really forced is a change in how companies look at their staff. In the past, staff was seen as people who would ‘do the job’ and work the hours asked. Now, companies are realizing that rigid working patterns and schedules, forced travel to an office, and forced interaction face-to-face are not as profitable as once imagined. For that reason, companies are adjusting to the real world reality that, for a large percentage of the computer-based modern workforce, working from home is just as, if not more, effective.

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