How COVID-19 Has Impacted Computing?


For the vast majority of people, 2020 posed some of the most unique – almost generational – challenges seen in modern history. The rise of COVID-19 as a new and infectious disease took the world by storm, leaving us with no real way out of the pandemic that took place. While the virus still rages on, arguably stronger than ever in some places, the virus is still having an impact even on locations where the virus has calmed down somewhat. How, though, has the COVID era impacted upon the computing industry? What has it forced people to do?

COVID-19 has turned an eye on cybersecurity

For years, there has been a blasé attitude towards keeping ourselves safe via cybersecurity. It is commonplace for people to use the same password and login credentials for various accounts. The use of modern security aides like two-factor authentication has not been as widely used as many would have hoped. COVID-19, though, has forced us to look more seriously at our security habits when online.

Today, there are more people than ever aware of the threats faced online and how to best navigate the kind of threats that you could accidentally encounter.

Supply and demand have become more confusing

It has been increasingly easy to get what we want when it comes to computers for years. From new and improved graphics cards to various other add-ons that take our computers to a new level, we see many innovations and additions to the industry on a regular basis. COVID, though, has hit a real buffer with regards to how computing items are supplied.

Often, demand far outstrips supply as companies find it hard to get access to the natural resources needed to develop the various computer parts that are in such high demand.

Computer repairs are up

Having noticed a large uptick in the number of people requiring computer repair in Boynton Beach, we know how much this has grown. Indeed, computer repairs are up a quite staggering level as people look to try and get their home computers working to a standard that is acceptable in the modern era. From upgrading PCs and adding more security to improving performance and installing peripherals, computer repairs are probably more populous than ever.

With people spending more time than ever at home, expect this to continue for a prolonged period of time.

Computer interest has grown

However, one positive that we have noticed across the industry is that more and more people seem to take a keen interest in computers. With more of us spending time online and using hardware, this naturally breeds curiosity. This has become a common talking point across the spectrum, with computer interest rising all the time.

That is why COVID-19 could be a catalyst for people who previously never took interest in an IT position professionally or academically to do so. It is an essential part of the modern industry; a key reason why, in the future, innovation is sure to grow thanks to the time spent learning about computers via COVID.