How do you know it is time to purchase a new PC?

While there are many factors that contribute to the decision to pick up a shiny new computer, there are several telltale signs that should be red flags for PC users. It is one thing to live with the quirks of a PC, such as a burnt-out USB port or an audio out port that needs some wiggling to coax it to work, but there are other non-negotiable factors that PC users should take into consideration and begin their shopping journey. After all, why bother to live with the inefficiencies of an aging machine when you can increase your productivity with a new PC? Here are 7 ways to tell you to need a new PC.

The latest operating system version cannot be installed

Back then, new operating system versions were not high on the priority list for users, as a new version rolls out every three to four years. More often than not, the new release will render many existing applications incompatible, hence making users stave off an upgrade. However, operating systems work differently these days, often boasting of free updates on an annual basis, such as Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft’s Windows 10 following the same route. A new operating system update tends to see a bump in the minimum hardware specifications, and eventually the PC will end up excruciatingly slow to use.

The latest apps and games won’t run

There is no way to future-proof a PC, but you can definitely stave off the monster of obsolescence by upgrading your machine or purchasing a new PC entirely. Games and professional apps like Photoshop might have attainable minimum specifications that will not break the bank, but to run the game/app at an optimal condition, anything higher than the recommended specifications would do just fine. It is often better to purchase a new machine outright than to obtain incremental upgrades to the memory, graphics card, and storage space.

Things start to slow down

If you notice that your PC does not fire up apps and games as fast as before, it is not because the laws of physics are being warped. Rather, it is due to the newer software versions that require more hardware firepower, hence a slow down in its performance. A stop-gap measure would be performing a digital spring clean of the PC, but this is just temporary.

Incompatibility with new hardware

When your existing computer is unable to hook up to the latest hardware, it is definitely time to look for a new PC. Imagine plugging in the latest USB 3.0 external drives into your machine only to have it transfer data at an excruciatingly slow USB 2.0 rate. This is akin to driving a Ferrari through gridlock traffic. Why not purchase a new PC outright that has support for the latest hardware right out of the box?

There’s no more space to install anything

At any point in time where you need to uninstall a program just to make space for a new program or game, you definitely need to shop for a new PC. A good benchmark would be to check the system monitor and see the amount of RAM utilized when a few apps are opened while keeping a keen eye out on the CPU usage. If left idle and it still hits 80% or more, be prepared to swipe that credit card.

It runs noisily

Anything with moving or mechanical parts tend to break down eventually, and the same applies to the PC. Over the course of time, what used to be a silent hum ends up as a cranky engine, from the hard drive to the fan. Always take note of the noise level of your PC, and if it is not fit enough to be in a library, you should probably move on, too.

You’re fixing it all the time

Ever found yourself fixing one part of the computer only to have another part break down? Maintaining the PC ends up as a chore rather than a joy, with error messages showing up for no reason while you find issues with keeping a stable wireless connection. Not only that, but the warranty period would also most probably have expired long before, translating to the dire need of purchasing a new PC.
Why not upgrade it part by part?

Eventually, the upgrades will end up with a bottleneck as new technologies and interfaces become standard issue. Hence, it makes far more sense to purchase a whole new PC that is ready to meet the challenges of the modern-day office warrior than to go through the hassle of purchasing part by part over the course of time. Good luck in your search for a new PC!

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