Life should not be about working your life away. Everyone should have an equal balance of work, family, and hobbies to spend their time on. Life is simply too short to worry about your finances every moment that you are awake. Work is a necessity for the majority of us, yet we still need to portion our time to have enough free time to spend it doing what truly matters to us.

Sometimes I let work get in the way of my personal life, but I am striving not to let that happen in 2018. I was getting overwhelmed with work at the end of 2017 and one of the big reasons that this happened is because I always tried to go the extra mile for every client. I was answering the phone and replying to my customer’s text messages despite my store hours. In 2018 I will only be dealing with business during business hours which are Monday through Friday 9 am-6 pm and Saturday 9 am-5 pm. PC Revive will still be providing the same amazing services. We are just limiting customer communication to those hours.

I started the new year with a 7-day cruise. I was in need of a vacation that allowed me to stop thinking about business. Vacation is life’s reset button. It allows you to let go of your stress and reset. I am feeling so much better now that I took 7 days to enjoy with my friends and family on a wonderful 7-day cruise. I am excited about what PC Revive will accomplish in 2018.

Vacation has always been a passion of mine. I love exploring new countries and cultures. Seeing a person’s perspective that lives in a different country has always captured my interest. I really enjoy traveling outside of the United States for this reason. I have been to many states in the United States, but I do not enjoy these vacations as much as when I travel abroad. I think that everyone should take each opportunity to explore other countries that they get.