Even though Windows remains the most available and popular operating system in the world, the Mac operating system has gained considerable traction. The Mac OS has a few advantages over other operating systems which makes it a competitor in today’s market. Users who are loyal to the Apple company will argue for the sake of Mac’s superiority and others will argue back. But today, we will explore the Mac OS features on neutral ground.

User Interface

For one, the seamless user interface is definitely something to admire. The powerful user interface is top-notch. The cleanliness of the user interface offers a straightforward look at the world. It makes for a crisp and easy to use way for individuals to explore the world through the internet. The Mac’s approach to computing is advanced and easy for anyone to learn.

Apps are more accessible with the help of the App Store. Once apps are installed, they are easily accessible with the Launchpad. More simply, you can find details to applications in the folder labeled Applications. Everything on the Mac OS system is pretty easy to learn how to use.

Mac OS Security

The Mac operating system’s security is far more superior to any other operating system’s security system. It is considered by professionals to be much safer than Windows. In years past, it seemed like the Mac OS was impervious to viruses and malware. But, that is no longer fact. The security system is still far more secure than that of Windows, but it is not impenetrable. Most Mac users can get by without any antivirus software at all. Being less susceptible to malware and viruses makes the Mac operating system need less maintenance than other operating systems.

Additionally, Mac users do not have to worry about annoying installations that install unwanted software. Since almost every app you will ever need is in the app store, you will be provided with safe downloads and installations. Whereas with Windows, there is the possibility of you having to click the Next button a bunch of times and accidentally installing some unwanted program. With the Mac, only the programs you want get downloaded. There are no unwanted programs trying to slip themselves onto your computer.

Default Apps and Multitasking

For the most part, users find the default apps installed on the Mac OS to be helpful and reusable. You don’t have to make additional purchases to use these apps either. Using Windows as an example, the default software like Microsoft Office has to be paid for before it can even be used. Which raises the question, what’s the point of even having it on the computer? The answer is to make money. The Mac OS system isn’t trying to sell you something by installing something you don’t even want. Anything that you have to purchase does not sneak itself onto your computer. The Mac operating system does not try to sell your products immediately after buying their product.

Furthermore, the default apps are easily accessible and can be used to multitask. A considerable advantage of the Mac operating system is its ability to multitask. It is entirely up to the users’ preference, but the multitasking feature responds to mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easy to switch back and forth between applications. Navigation is key for many users and the Mac OS nails it.

Disadvantages to Mac OS

One of the biggest disadvantages to buying a Mac computer is its price. It is considerably expensive. Apple products seem to be overpriced just a tidbit. Considering what they offer, for most the price is worth it. But, those with lower incomes may never even get to experience how great the Mac is because of its price. Mac computers range upwards of $3,000. That’s crazy expensive! The prices of Apple products are often a turn off for some consumers. But, the price is usually worth it because the products are amazing and will last a long time.

For those who like to play computer games, the Mac operating system is at a noteworthy disadvantage. Hardware for gaming is often incompatible and gaming titles are almost nowhere to be found. Since the Mac OS is not nearly as compatible as Windows, it does not make for great gaming.


All in all, the Mac operating system is a fantastic product. People who work with videos will find the default apps helpful. Plus, Macs will usually last a long time. Their lengthy lifespan makes the purchase worth it. Many enjoy the Mac because it is a powerful and easy to use operating system.