Most Common Windows 10 Bugs

Even though Windows 10 has some awesome features, there are quite a few bugs people have been dealing with ever since its release. However, there are easy fixes to most of these common problems. Anyone experiencing a windows 10 bug should refrain from downgrading from windows 10. We might be able to help you before it comes to that.

Windows Update Freezing

Some people have noticed their Windows 10 update not going as smoothly as it should. For instance, the update freezes while downloading or it downloads fine but simply refuses to install. This is likely due to a corrupted file. To begin the fix, you will have to start over and flush out any corrupted update files.

For starters, press the Windows Key + R so you can open the Run program. Now, type into the program C\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and click the OK button. Continue by deleting everything inside the folder that pops up, but do not delete the actual folder. If problems persist, you might have to start the computer by booting into safe mode. Once in safe mode, you should attempt updating once again.

Battery Failure

Those with portable devices such as phones and even some laptops who have upgraded to Windows 10 have experienced battery life issues. For most, a simple fix can be performed simply by ensuring you have the most recent driver updates. For others, you might find that disabling Cortana, the virtual assistant exclusive to Windows, might improve battery life. Some applications such as Cortana can take a toll on your battery. Shutting down background applications may improve battery life and make the system run smoother.

Additionally, the Windows Update can also be the cause of the excessive battery drainage. To turn off the Windows Updater, press the Windows Key + I. From here navigate your way through Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options > Choose how updates are delivered. Move the switch from On to Off. These are great ways to optimize battery life, but will not make the battery any better.

Wi-Fi Connection Can’t Be Discovered

If you upgraded to Windows 10 and started to notice issues with your Wi-Fi connection, then you most likely have a problem pertaining to a network connection. This can be caused by an incompatible VPN software. Disabling your VPN before connecting to Wi-Fi or finding a new VPN that is compatible with Windows 10 can remedy this. However, this problem can also be a driver issue.

If getting a new VPN does not solve this bug, then consider updating your drivers. Old drivers are usually the cause for most Windows 10 bugs. To easily update your drivers and to get notified when new drivers are available, search for the Device Manager. Expand Network adapters in the new window and right-click the wireless adapter you are currently using. From here select Update Driver Software.

Activation Problems

A lot of people who upgraded to Windows 10 rather than purchasing a computer already equipped with Windows 10 have struggled with activation. The message says Windows not activated even after they have gone through all of the steps performing the upgrade. This occurs when someone upgrades or performs a clean installation of Windows 10. Simple solutions involve staying connected to the internet while upgrading. But, considering that you have done this correctly and are still experiencing the bug, we will continue with other methods.

Activation can also be done over the phone. If you have a Windows 10 phone, you can open up the Settings application and navigate to Update & security. Select Activation and follow the steps to activate your computer by phone.

Solving Common Bugs

There are tons of little bugs in any software or operating system, so ensure you are keeping your computer clean and do your best to stray from corrupted files. With a wide variety of errors that can occur, it is best to prevent these issues before they even happen. Always keep your drivers updated and stay attentive to how your Windows 10 functions. If you notice any hindrances, address them as soon as you can. The longer a bug stays on your device, the harder it is to get rid of it.

Always take full precaution when upgrading or updating Windows 10. Read before you click through installations and refer to other guides if you get caught on something. Stay away from dangerous sites and keep your computer clean. Third-party software isn’t always the safest and they can cause additional bugs to rise. When you experience a bug, don’t allow it to frustrate you. Most issues with Windows 10 can be resolved, you just need to be patient.