PC Revive operates differently than traditional computer repair shops; our company charges by the job instead of hourly like our competitors. This ensures that I operate in the most efficient manner to get your computer repaired correctly and quickly. The most important tool that I use in everyday jobs is my flash drive. A flash drive is basically a mini portable hard drive that we can store information on. It allows us to install different versions of windows, remove passwords, fix system issues, and even recover important data.

It takes hours of behind the scene work to keep this flash drive up to date with the best software. This hard work is worth it in the long run because it saves us hours of repair and install time. It also saves you hours of waiting to get your computer back up and running. Believe it or not, most other computer technicians that I have met still install windows from the original windows release on a DVD. This means that the software they are installing will have to download and install over 3 years worth of updates that can take weeks to install. Everyone hates not being able to use their computer because of a windows update. Using a DVD to install an operating system is by far the worst way to go about doing it. PC Revive updates windows on their flash drive every single month. We do this because flash drives are substantially faster than DVDs. DVDs can only read and write data at 20 MBps (which stands for megabytes per second) while my flash drive can copy information at 277 MBps.  This means that a flash drive can move data more than 13 times as quick as DVDs can. This flash drive speeds up everything from repairing windows to reinstalling it. DVDs are old and outdated, computer manufactures even stopped including new laptops with them. If your computer tech is still repairing computers with DVDs when the computer manufacturer does not even recommend them anymore you should question the technician for using outdated technology.

One of the service calls that I went on this last week wanted to downgrade his brand new HP All In One computer to Windows 7 from Windows 10 so that his audio software would work on his computer. The software that he was trying to use was not compatible with Windows 10 which is what his computer came with from the store. As soon as I showed up he told me that 3 other techs have not been able to fix the issue. I was successfully able to install a fully functioning install of Windows 7 for the client. He was thrilled that I was actually able to accomplish it. I was able to resolve this issue because my flash drive had the drivers necessary to allow the installation to proceed. This issue should have been easily taken care of by the other three techs that attempted to perform the same job. We should all try to learn from a person’s strengths so that we can all improve our knowledge. I just don’t think that unqualified techs should morally take on jobs that they don’t have the skills to complete.