Should I buy myself a gaming monitor?


With many of us taking to video gaming on our PCs as opposed to dealing with consoles, it’s common to look at the most effective hardware you can buy. For example, lots of people will choose to make an investment by buying a gaming monitor. What’s the difference between a gaming monitor and a normal monitor? Well, the level of visual detail on a gaming monitor can be much more impressive.

The main difference in a normal monitor and a gaming monitor stems from the refresh rate. Refresh rates are counted in Hertz, or Hz, and are very important to your decision making. We recommend that you take a look ta a gaming monitor if you want to get the best possible frames per second response. A regular monitor will be able to give you a rating of around 60Hz, or 60 frames per second. However, most GPUs can handle frames per second counts far in excess of this. For example, some gaming monitors today are handling ratings as high as 180Hz and 240Hz. That’s a huge jump!

What this means is that you can get a much more authentic on-screen reaction. A monitor’s response time will be registered in milliseconds, and those seconds can be the difference between a win or a loss. If you are playing an online racer or online shooter, for example, your 60Hz monitor versus a 180Hz monitor means your opponent is reacting to what is happening much quicker than you are. That’s going to be quite a problem!

What else can a gaming monitor do?

A gaming monitor is also useful as it can give you a cleaner picture. One of the biggest benefits of such a tool is that they tend to avoid the ‘ghosting’ trails that can exist on a normal monitor. With all the action going on, you can almost have the old image temporarily burned onto the screen. Not only is this distracting, but it can make it hard for you to react properly.

Another factor that gaming monitors have over normal monitors is they tend to be more resistant to screen tearing. Screen tearing is when you move the camera, for example, and you notice a big line moving up the middle of the screen. Not only is this an irritant, but it can be visually distracting and actually ruin the experience for you. Most gaming monitors, though, go the extra mile to try and avoid that from being an issue.

For the most part, this should go a long way to making sure you can get the gaming monitor to look exactly as you would have wanted and needed. That’s why we highly, highly recommend that you start using a gaming monitor if you want the best gaming experience.

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