Should I use a wired or wireless keyboard?


For anyone working from home at the moment, you might find that one common issue you have is getting comfortable on the keyboard. Using a keyboard that is not really suited to working from home can be a bit of a problem. It can mean doing a lot of work that is not really needed, and it can often limit the actual output that you produce. Have you been thinking about going wireless, instead? If you do, then we recommend that you take a look and go wireless. Why, though? What makes it better?

Wireless avoids wire accidents

A common problem that you might get with a wired keyboard, especially if it’s not sitting at a desk, are long wires. This can mean spending plenty of tripping over wires, and this can lead to trips, spills, smashes and various other breakages. Naturally, you want to do all that you can to avoid such an issue. So, be sure to look at getting a wireless keyboard if you find wires are your natural enemy at home!

Wireless keyboards offer a great range

One other benefit of going wireless is that you can work anywhere it can pick up a signal from. So, you could move from that annoying desk to a more comfortable seating space in the room. So long as you can balance the keyboard on your lap, you really should have no problem at all with working from any space. Yes, even your bed! It’s always a pleasure to work from bed; something a wireless keyboard always allows.

However, be wary of latency

One common issue with a wireless keyboard that will likely drive you up the wall, though, is latency. Buy a cheap wireless keyboard, and you can find that you are left with a keyboard that simply does not pick up enough of your keystrokes. If you want to avoid that, buy something in the higher price range. Cheaper wireless keyboards often make it hard for you to get your work done, but newer keyboards come with next to no input lag.

You can save space

One thing you might find, too, is that with a wireless keyboard (and mouse), you can easily work by using fewer USB spots. Many of us use up at least two of our designated slots on a wired mouse and keyboard. Wireless, though, only takes one simply slot up. This means that you can do so much more with your USB slots, meaning you don’t need to keep swapping devices in/out.

The batteries should last long-term

Much like latency, old wireless keyboards would absolutely chew through batteries. Today, though, a good wireless keyboard should produce nothing of the sort. This should allow you to work quickly and simply, allowing you to get things done without any of the usual stress that came with older machines needing continually new batteries.

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