How often should you upgrade your GPU in your PC?

For anyone who is stuck inside at the moment (which is the majority of us), staying entertained can be tough. Once you finish working from home for the day, you likely have many hours of digital entertainment ahead of you. But what if you are growing tired of watching TV, movies, and documentaries? Or listening to podcasts?

Why not try out some video gaming instead? It’s a tremendous way to spend the hours. The only thing with choosing to be a PC gamer, though, is that you will need to upgrade your hardware. To start off with, one of the most important parts of playing a video game is having a solid Graphical Processing Unit, or GPU. Some might simply know it as a video or graphics card.

Given the pace of development in the IT industry, it does not take long for a video card to be deemed ‘old’. However, how often do you really need to go ahead and change your GPU?

How often do I need to switch my GPU?
Generally, you should be looking to change your GPU when you start to notice limitations in video games you wish to play. Expecting a PC that you have not upgraded in a while to run at maximum settings on a brand new 2020 video game release is likely to result in disappointment.

You might even find that you need a new GPU if you are working from home and do a lot of digital design work from the house. You might also consider getting a new GPU if you have decided to start using a multi-monitor set-up and need a GPU that allows for multiple monitor connections at once.

Typically, though, a good graphics card could last you anything from 3-5 years – it just depends on what you intend to play, and how good the rest of your hardware is. For example, a mid-range GPU could have its lifespan extended by changing your CPU to a newer model or even by getting more RAM to help with the loading process.

Unless you notice your hardware is failing or your GPU cannot really keep up with the standard of gaming/digital design you wish to do, though, a 3-5 year span is common for most modern graphics cards. Really, though, a change is only needed if you notice performance faults or if you simply cannot play modern titles without massive compromises.

So, keep this in mind and it should make it much easier for you to know when to upgrade your GPU.

How do I change my GPU? Do I need to fit it myself?
You could change it yourself, though it can be a confusing process. Getting the old card out, and fitting the new card, can be a challenge that might be beyond you. If that is the case, then you might wish to reach out for professional help with computer repair.

Changing a graphics card is easy for those who know what they are doing, but the risks that exist by changing it without full knowledge can lead to your PC being needlessly damaged.

Need a hand upgrading your GPU? Then you should look to invest in professional assistance. At PC Revive, we can help you with GPU fitting through our computer repair in Royal Palm Beach and beyond. Contact us today for more details about how we can help you to repair or replace your GPU for a steadier visual experience moving forward.