A very common questions that out client’s seem to ask us is, “Which smart phone do you recommend?”. Personally I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 on a day to day basis. Primarily I recommend Android phones to the younger generation and Apple iPhones to the older generation because of how easy they are to use. Android can be customized to each user’s preference more so than the iPhone.

Apple’s iOS is easier to teach new smart phone owners than Android is. Apple’s phone layout is simpler and easy to manage while Android has more settings and options in general. Most of our senior citizens seem to prefer an Apple iPhone if they use a smartphone at all. Android is great for people who can deal with minor issues and customization options.

Apple has an app store that is surprisingly more secure than Android’s Play Store. There seem to be less hacks and bogus apps that in the App Store vs the Play Store. iPhones are great for simple tasks such as phone calls and occasional text messages. I personally enjoy Android because I have endless opportunities like custom ROMs, apps, and software. Apple tries to lock users out of changing the software of their phones while some Android phone makers such as OnePlus actually promotes it. One Plus is releasing a new OnePlus 5t tomorrow. One Plus actually learns from its users vs other phone companies. They allow you to put custom software on your phone and you can report bugs. This helps the phone maker release official updates that fixes bugs on the official software for OnePlus phones.

I have followed OnePlus phone company for a long time and I have proudly owned several of their phones. Even though I am using a Samsung Galaxy phone I look forward to switching back to a OnePlus device as soon as they come out with QHD screens. The software on a OnePlus smart phone is more fluid than on the Samsung. One Plus phones also charge much quicker than Samsung phones due to its dash charging. Every phone has its pros and cons just like computers do.  If we can be of assistance to you and or your smart phone give us a call today.

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