Here are a couple of simple tips we have learned over the years to keep your computer virus free.

First thing we highly recommend while on the internet is to only browse reputable websites. Surfing the web without a care in the world can sometimes lead to a slow computer. For example, if you are using google to find a news article on the latest current events you should make sure that you do not click on an add and that the website is a reputable company. You can do this by verifying that the word “add” is not present next to the result. Laptop and desktop users should also check the website name like you should make sure that the website name is relevant to what you are searching for. This is a basic step that many users surprisingly fail to do.

Second suggestion we have to keep your computer running without malware on it is to look at all options while installing any program. Some programs come with “bloatware” which is software that a program can install that you did not ask for because they hide options in the installer. While installing programs you should always choose custom or expert installation so that you can see each option to make sure that only the one program you requested is being installed. Read all text in each program installer so that you only receive what you were after.  If we can assist you with any computer viruses be sure to give us a call today!

Our final suggestion is to check who emails are from before reading them. PC Revive has had many customers infect their own computer and even their entire business’s computer by clicking on a link in an email without seeing who the email was from first. Some email senders claim they are not who they truly are. A specific case of this is a delivery notification from a shipping company which may actually download a virus to your computer as soon as you click on the link. Be sure to click on the from field in your email to verify email sender ends in @ the company name .com before clicking on any suspicious links.

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