There are a ton of enjoyable features for anyone with a Windows device. If you are new to Windows, then you will be fascinated with its design. There are a few downsides, but the features definitely make up for it.

Windows has especially improved since their last release of Windows 8. Windows 10 manages to make up entirely for the mistake of Windows 8. Instead of a clunky and annoying user interface like Windows 8 provided, Windows 10 gives your devices a crisper and cleaner look. Compared to Windows products in the past, Windows 10 exceeds its own potential as well as its predecessors’ abilities.

Completely Accessible

In Windows 10, you are given more freedom with your devices. For instance, the start menu is fully customizable and you change icons and graphics to fit your style. Additionally, users have found that using Windows 10 has been as easy as ever. Users who are familiar with previous versions of Windows have described the newest and modern version of Windows as, “Easy to work with.”

When it comes to software, a massive selection of applications are available for Windows. For businesses, there are tons of software available and for the newest version of windows. Microsoft has a dominance in the world market when it comes to computer operating systems and office software for this reason. Because of their accessibility, Microsoft can distance themselves further from their competition. This cycle of accessibility and increasing dominance circles each other as they do complement one another. Microsoft can’t be dominant if Windows isn’t accessible, but the more accessible they become, the more dominant they are. It might sound redundant, but it is all true.

Compatibility and Support

Using the up to date version of Windows has its many perks. Windows 10 can run programs that were designed for earlier versions of windows with ease. For example, programs designed to run on Windows 7 can run on Windows 10 without a hitch. This backward compatibility only gives more reason for older users to upgrade. Anyone who is afraid of losing an older program doesn’t have to fear the upgrade to Windows 10.

Additionally, Windows 10 supports new hardware. Since Microsoft is dominant on the world market, hardware manufacturers can’t afford to overlook Windows. So, a lot of hardware is designed to be supported by Windows. In fact, you can go to the nearest store, whether it be online or an actual building, and buy any piece of technology. Chances are, it will be completely compatible with the modern version of Windows.

Gamers who absolutely need the latest technology for PC gaming need to use Windows. Most special gaming hardware needs Windows so it can work. Additionally, Windows users can access a wide variety of game titles that won’t work on other operating systems. The newest version of Windows can play more games than operating systems like Mac and Linux. Plus, Windows is connected with Xbox since Microsoft owns both systems.

Disadvantages for Windows Users

For those using Windows, they might find that more money needs to be dumped into their device. Windows requires a high amount of resources like computer hardware for additional functionality. Most people are forced to buy more than what they want just so they can use Windows for their original intentions.

Compared to operating systems like Mac, Windows security system is relatively weaker. Windows users are at a much higher risk of getting a trojan virus on their computer. Unsafe websites can easily access Windows because it is so compatible. It is hard to believe that something that makes Windows so great can also be one of its own disasters. Microsoft products aren’t great with security because they do not engineer their products with security in mind.

Many users find the technical support for Windows products to be flawed and not useful. It seems that only a few support staff members from Microsoft actually understand the issues users are facing. And to make matters worse, sometimes there will be no one even there to help you. The free technical support continues to crumble on itself day after day.

Nonetheless, the latest version of Windows is still functional and enjoyable for most. Other than the few issues that are for the most part avoidable, most users can find something they like about Windows. For experienced Windows users, Windows 10 is a step in the right direction. It manages to bring all of the good old features together and it adds some new features that are exceptional. All in all, Windows by Microsoft is a decent product with many great features.