5 clear signs you should upgrade your laptop


For anyone who uses a laptop for their work or for their own personal pleasure, they can be very useful tools indeed. However, one problem that you will find with any laptop – no matter how ‘good’ it was when you bought it – is that it will begin to slow down drastically. The slowdown is something that can often be fixed, but over time you will find you probably need to go the full hog and buy a replacement. What, though, are the signs that you should be looking to an upgrade as opposed to a tune-up?

It takes forever to start up

When you start to notice your laptop is taking forever to actually load up, it might be time to start looking at new options. While clearing out your laptop might make that fix for a while, it’s often a sign that the hardware itself is beginning to fail. Naturally, this is something that you need to take into account.

Try and consider this before you move any further forward with buying a replacement.

It cannot keep up

When you need to upgrade to a new piece of software, you might find that your faithful laptop simply cannot keep up. The CPU and GPU demands could be too much, especially if you are in a niche like graphic design. That becomes the time when you might need to have a difficult conversation with yourself – is it time to invest in a new replacement?

If your laptop isn’t letting you work, it either needs a tune-up or it needs to be replaced entirely.

The display is wonky

Often, one of the first things to fade out and die in a laptop will be the display. This is a common issue and one that we highly recommend you look into. Often you can get some kind of screen repair service, but we do recommend you take a bit of time to look into the display issues that you are facing with a replacement. Often, a screen replacement is not very cost-effective.

It cannot keep up

Are you noticing it seems to take ages to find your documents? Or things like MS Word are taking too long to startup? Then it might be time to upgrade. This is often a sign that things are not going well for it from a hardware perspective. This can be quite an issue, and it’s one that we definitely recommend you keep an eye on moving forward.

The laptop won’t update

A common problem that you can find with hardware that is failing is that updates simply will not work. If you find that you cannot update your operating system or software will not update, it’s likely a sign that your hardware is so out of date that it cannot handle the latest updates.

So, if any of these reasons tend to pop up on your schedule, be sure to look at them closely. It might mean you need to consider getting a new laptop.