Are you searching for a new computer this holiday season? Which brand PC should you choose?

Traffic on the streets and stores are always hectic this time of year, so knowing what you are looking for before you step foot into a computer store can save you time. PC Revive has had the best results with Lenovo, Asus and Acer laptops. HP and Dell laptops seem to have more issues with the processor’s cooling system. We have cleaned and replaced many fans in Dell and Hp computers. Lenovo, Asus and Acer laptops run cooler and more efficient if equipped with Intel processors. The cooler a laptop runs the faster it is able to run. Heat is a major issue on laptops. If a computer reaches a certain temperature it may throttle every operation it does until it reaches a stable temperature again. This means that any tasks that you attempt to accomplish on will take longer to complete. These brands seem to have less heating issues than the others.

Computer Replacement Parts

I also prefer these brands because the parts are usually easy to find on online retailers like eBay and Amazon. Accidents happen such as dropping a laptop or spilling liquid on computers. If you ever need to get it repaired from one of these mistakes, your local computer shop has to order parts for specific laptops from these websites. If the computer repair store can’t get its hands on parts to repair the computer then the repair can’t be accomplished. Laptops parts are a supply and demand industry just like any other business. The more parts available for a laptop usually means that they will be cheaper because there is more supply. In case of an accident  you must have parts in order to repair it. If you can’t get parts you have to purchase another computer.

Computer Recommendations

We highly recommend computers with Intel Core i5 processors that are the latest generation available (7th or 8th generation) for most consumers.  You should also get the latest generation memory which is currently DDR4. Hard drive speed also plays a crucial roll in the speed of a computer. Computers with solid state drives are quicker at turning on, file transfers and program launch times. If you need help figuring what size laptop to purchase check out our last blog post at this link classes of laptops.

Buying a new computer comes with many options and decisions that need to be made just like buying a new car. Our advice should allow you to purchase a decent computer that will last you for years to come. Technology expands quickly so we try to make suggestions that will last you several years instead of a couple of months. If you have any questions about what computer to purchase please fill out our contact form on the Contact Us section of our website or get in touch with us at anytime at (561) 870-5913.

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones and if we can be of any service to you please let us know.