Technology today knows all things. The moment we set up a new device or sign up for social media sites we have to press I agree to be able to use them. These terms allow corporations to own all of our data. This new google assistant blows my mind. I assume within the next year it will be available on the majority of phones and computers. It may be helpful because it can save us a few minutes out of our busy days, but it will also sadden me when it is released.  Also, be sure to check out our article on our top tips to avoid computer viruses.

As with most technologies, Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) should be helpful to the public because it is supposed to improve our lives. Google AI can make phone calls for you so that you can focus on other tasks. So far there have been examples of Google AI calling someone’s parents to catch up and calling a barber to schedule a haircut appointment. Sure it would be convenient, but at the same time, it’s cutting the little bit of human interaction out of our lives that we still have. In my opinion, social media makes us all less connected to others. We can keep up with what is going on in more people’s lives with less effort than before because of websites like Facebook and Instagram, but a real human connection is becoming more and more unlikely because we depend so heavily on our devices. We can see what other people are doing by the tap of a button instead of having a real conversation about how life is going.

Google AI would certainly be helpful when needing to schedule appointments, but I think using it to call your parents is crossing the line. People will start relying on Google AI more than ever and use it to communicate with their wife, children, and even their parents. We already live in the most unsociable society because of texting, emojis, and social media. We are simply more connected to our devices than we are to other human beings. I think these tools are great to be used in moderation, but I have a feeling we will overuse it and begin to communicate less with others than ever before. If we can schedule a robot to check in on our loved ones, are we truly being genuine with them or are we just prioritizing other parts of our lives? Life is all about balance and I think that our family & relationships with others should be priority number one. Technologies like Google AI will allow people to focus on work, money, and greed more than ever before. Life is about creating a family and enjoying every moment we have with loved ones, not using a robot to talk to others.

The last concern I have with this type of technology is the number of jobs people will lose because of it. The majority of jobs out there today require dealing with people such as sales, call centers, business receptionist, and even stock brokers. These people could potentially be replaced with technology similar to Google AI because would talk to the client for us. The majority of call centers are just people typing the callers’ question in on a computer screen and reading the answer that the computer says. Google AI could easily replace these jobs.

Technology progresses quickly, but each new step forward will create a totally different life for future generations. We need to ask ourselves where we should draw the line that technology has gone too far. Artifical intelligence means that Google AI will learn from past experiences, just like we try to teach our kids. Google’s new AI may be a great success, but it may hurt our world more than it benefits us. Below is a video that shows what this new tech is capable of.