Most clients assume that our biggest competitor is Best Buy. Thankfully, I don’t even consider them our competition instead I consider them more of a business partner. Let me explain, Best Buy’s tech help is called Geek Squad. I’ve personally never used them, but I have heard my fair share of horror stories from the infamous Geek Squad. Best Buy is primarily a retail store that focuses on sales. Their primary goal is to sell as many TVs, computers, and appliances as possible. They do not focus their efforts on the repair industry at all. You can confirm this by doing a local Google search for a term such as “computer repair”, Geek Squad is usually nowhere to be found on the list and usually has horrendous reviews if you are lucky enough to find them. Geek Squad’s primary job is to bring in as much revenue as possible from the consumer. Since this is the case, the majority of the time Geek Squad recommends replacing most computers that they look at and then charges the client for the diagnosis/advice and the data transfer from the old device to the new one. This is a huge win for Best Buy because they made money on giving advice, selling a new computer, and setting the new computer up! Unfortunately, their advice is usually not honest and the Geek Squad employees do not have basic computer repair knowledge.

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Best Buy is PC Revive’s partner because when people get told they have to replace their $1000+ laptop for a minor issue the consumer usually does a quick search for computer repair and ends up finding either my company or a competitor. It is bizarre how many calls I receive that say they just used the Geek Squad and they charged them an outlandish amount of money without fixing a single issue. Fortunately, PC Revive is an honest computer repair company and will only lead clients in the correct direction. We give accurate advice of whether your money is best spent repairing your laptop/desktop or if you should upgrade it to get more bang for your buck. Best Buy is an incredible resource for us because we get computer repair clients from them and we also use them as a local resource to buy computers for our clients.

Here are some specific stories that back up my Geek Squad versus PC Revive claims: I had a call approximately 3 weeks ago from a client who just made it back to his house after visiting the Geek Squad. He called me saying that one of his laptop’s USB ports would not work. Geek Squad said that they would have to replace the motherboard to resolve this issue. To replace the motherboard it consisted of packing the laptop up, shipping the device to Texas, and having a “qualified technician” replace the motherboard to hopefully resolve this USB issue. That process would have cost several hundred dollars and weeks of shipping/labor time. Thankfully the client called PC Revive. I went to the client’s home the same day that he called. After introducing myself, I took a quick glance at the laptop’s USB port. Immediately I spotted a silica bead lodged deep into the port. Somehow, one of those beads that come in packing that always says “Do Not Eat” on them ended up stuck inside of the port! I took out a metal spudger tool from my IFIXIT Toolkit and was able to remove the silica gel bead out of the USB port. I tested the port by plugging in the client’s external hard drive and sure enough the USB port started working. Let’s recap on this story, Geek Squad quoted roughly $400-600 to replace the motherboard in this clients laptop and several weeks of downtime. PC Revive was able to fix this issue the same day the client called in less than 5 minutes for $100. That is a $300-500 savings just for calling someone qualified to do the job!

This next story does not involve Geek Squad, but a very well known local computer repair store. I received a call last week from a coach at Palm Beach Atlantic College saying that her MacBook Pro hard drive has failed and that she would like to have it replaced. I set up an appointment for her the same day that she called and went to her location. I provided her a quote of $200 for the entire job that included a 256 GB solid state drive, Mac OS Reinstalled on the drive, and her data transferred from the failed drive to the new drive. She immediately accepted and told me that the other computer repair store that she dropped her laptop off to quoted her $600 to do the same exact job. She saved $400 and several days of waiting just by using our on-site computer repair services. She was beyond thrilled to have her laptop back up and running for a fraction of the price that the storefront would have charged. She left a review on our companies Facebook page that can be found on our review page.

I’m not trying to imply that our services are better than anyone else’s. I’m just trying to tell you about the experiences that I have had with the so-called “competition”. There certainly are other reputable computer repair companies besides PC Revive in my area, but they are certainly few and far between from what I have found and researched. Before driving over to the closest computer repair store I highly recommend giving our services a try. We are cheaper, more knowledgeable, and we even come to your location for a fraction of the price that “retail stores” charge you. Feel free to give us a call today with any questions at (561) 870-5913