Should I invest in an i7 CPU if I have an i5 model?


Today, one of the most confusing aspects of owning any kind of IT equipment is keeping on top of their performance needs. A common discussion point, for example, revolves around the use of your CPU. Having a solid, modern CPU is always important. CPUs help us to improve performance and machine consistency in almost every single every. But, with that in mind, just how modern should your CPU be? The answer is a bit more complex than one might wish to hear.

For example, you might have noticed that most PCs today come with an Intel CPU fitted. The two most common models to hear of are an i5 CPU and an i7 CPU. Naturally, i7 CPUs are faster and tend to produce a higher level of performance. For the majority of computing tasks today, you will need an i5 processor.

Most PCs running with an i5 are capable of doing most work, such as video editing, spreadsheet management, and word processing. However, you might find that if you wish to do anything more advanced that you might have to step it up a notch and go for something a touch more powerful.

If that is the case, then we highly recommend that you look to make a wise choice and invest in an i7 processor ASAP.

Why should my PCs be running i7 processors?

  1. The main reason why we recommend making the upgrade is to help future-proof your business. While new improvements ahead of i7 are already here and coming steadily, this means that i7 processors are now in the happy medium of being high quality and
  2. I5 processors are by and large being outdated. Most games and most major business software today will run on an i5 but reaching anything akin to peak performance is going to be a hit and hope venture. That’s why we highly recommend that you look to upgrade.
  3. At the same time, an i7 processor is going to last you another 3-5 years of high performance. Something in the region of an i7 7700K should be more than good enough for most conventional working needs. Therefore, an upgrade now should still you last you for many years.
  4. These new processors tend to be more suited to the next tranche of software and hardware to come. Your CPU has to be compatible with everything else, and frankly finding i5 processors that are fully compatible with all other modern software is becoming a little more challenging.

Generally, your business can only benefit from the investment into new i7 processors. While it might be a significant outlay today, the performance increases that your business is likely to see from this kind of investment is only going to benefit you as time goes on. Do this right, and you should have no problem at all in being able to fully benefit from your investment in new processors.

If you want to make work snappier and swifter, then something like this makes a very wise and intelligent investment indeed.