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Should I buy myself a gaming monitor?

Should I buy myself a gaming monitor?   With many of us taking to video gaming on our PCs as opposed to dealing with consoles, it’s common to look at the most effective hardware you can buy. For example, lots of people will choose to make an investment by buying a gaming monitor. What’s the…

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Productivity Desktop Computer Builds

Finding it hard to stay productive? You should consider a new PC   With the current situation, we’re all living under, working from home has become the norm. This often means spending a fair amount of time on the PC, and it usually means working on a desktop that might not be up to standard….

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Do I need a computer tech?

When do I know I need to get a computer repair service?   For anyone who is used to working with computers today, one common issue you might come up against is getting your computer repaired. When things start to slow down and performance seems to go through the floor, it can be more than…

Best Work From Home Programs

The best work from home tools you should have on your PC With many of us Floridians now working from home for the foreseeable future, there’s a major need for working from home tools. We know that working from home can sound easy, but it’s only easy if you arm yourself with the right tools….

Should you upgrade your GPU in your desktop?

How often should you upgrade your GPU in your PC? For anyone who is stuck inside at the moment (which is the majority of us), staying entertained can be tough. Once you finish working from home for the day, you likely have many hours of digital entertainment ahead of you. But what if you are…

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Knowing When to Replace Your old PC

How do you know it is time to purchase a new PC? While there are many factors that contribute to the decision to pick up a shiny new computer, there are several telltale signs that should be red flags for PC users. It is one thing to live with the quirks of a PC, such…

How Hardware Upgrades Save You Headaches

How Hardware Upgrades Save You Headaches Most PCs are built to be upgraded, and many of them come with empty slots for RAM and other components inside. Although some people feel comfortable opening up the case and messing with things themselves, it makes sense to hire a professional when you want to upgrade your hardware….

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What to Do About Your Slow PC

Fixing your Slow PC There are many reasons why your PC is getting slow. Over time PCs experience a decrease in performance for certain reasons.  It could be plagued with malware, system errors, and issues. It freezes and crashes. Your PC might even experience slowing down with the simplest task. Use these tips when searching for…

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Top 10 ways to prevent Ransomware

There have always been people who are willing to do evil things to make money and that is no different in the digital era. Cybercriminals have evolved alongside technology and now employ malicious software that utilizes encryption to hold data for ransom; unfortunately, this criminal activity has only grown over the last few years. Ransomware…

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