Top 10 ways to prevent Ransomware

There have always been people who are willing to do evil things to make money and that is no different in the digital era. Cybercriminals have evolved alongside technology and now employ malicious software that utilizes encryption to hold data for ransom; unfortunately, this criminal activity has only grown over the last few years. Ransomware…

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Commercial Computer Maintenance

A Guide To Proper Computer Maintenance For Your Business Any company that is serious about maintaining the IT infrastructure needs to have a computer maintenance checklist in place. The checklist is to ensure that the laptops, desktops, and mobile devices are always working at maximum efficiency. If you’re looking for a Boynton Beach computer maintenance service provider,…

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Mac Operating System Review

Even though Windows remains the most available and popular operating system in the world, the Mac operating system has gained considerable traction. The Mac OS has a few advantages over other operating systems which makes it a competitor in today’s market. Users who are loyal to the Apple company will argue for the sake of…